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Megan is a hardworking single mother, small business owner, active community leader, and elected Local School Council (LSC) member. Throughout her life’s work, she has brought people together around shared values and common goals. She is running for 45th ward Alderman to put to work her extensive experience and proven commitment to the residents of our community, and to bring responsive leadership that works for all the families of our ward.

Megan grew up on a dirt road in a small town in Michigan, in a home without central heat. Her father was a crane operator in the Operating Engineers Union and her mother retired after a career in the Postal Carrier's Union. Megan's English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh roots brought her family to the Appalachian Mountains and coal mines of Tennessee. Megan's grandfather and uncles migrated from the Tennessee coal mines to Flint, Michigan to work at the automotive manufacturing plants, all proud United Auto Workers members. Megan’s values of grit and determination, fostered by the union workers in her family, have helped her overcome challenges her whole life.


​As a first-generation college student, Megan put herself through Michigan State University and earned two bachelor’s degrees. She moved to Chicago in 2000 to attend Chicago-Kent College of Law, during which she discovered her true passion for integrating community service into her legal work. She founded her law firm here in the 45th ward based on the principles of community, integrity, and innovation, and has been standing up for people’s rights throughout her career.


Megan’s family is her pride and joy, and her three children currently attend Chicago Public Schools. The success of our local schools is important to Megan as a parent and community member who has worked with many local families. Megan was elected as a Parent Representative for the LSC for Belding Elementary School, and subsequently elected as the Chair of the LSC, a position she continues to hold today. Megan knows her public education was the building block allowing her to leave her small town, attend college and law school, and pursue a career in Chicago. She is a strong advocate for a quality education for all children.


​Megan has decades of experience working with and advocating for under-served communities and has served on Boards of Directors for various organizations such as the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago (eliminating racism and empowering women), Life Span (anti domestic violence and human trafficking), and the Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law (empowerment of women in law). Megan has been acknowledged in the community for her work empowering women and received multiple awards including the prestigious Alta May Hulett Award from the Chicago Bar Association's Alliance for Women, an award named after the first female attorney in Illinois.

photo of Megan at a podium during a small fundraiser giving a speech to constituents with a navy blue Megan Mathias for 45th ward sign in the background


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